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Modern Flat Roof Houses

Modern flat roof houses are growing in popularity as a style. They offer a lot of advantages over their pitched roof counterparts. One of the most notable is they’re more affordable to build and can be designed to fit a wide variety of spaces and climates.

They also tend to look much more clean and refined than a pitched roof home. They’re usually finished in a mix of smooth stucco, black metal and real wood siding (Ipe is the most common) that’s mixed with contemporary finishes.

These homes can be built on all kinds of different sized lots and can even fit in on small city blocks. In fact they can be the perfect choice for someone looking to maximize their outdoor living space and get extra room on a smaller lot.

Some modern flat roof houses have multiple levels and lots of outdoor living spaces. This home has a multi tiered infinity edge pool and a large open patio. The home is very well decorated with natural earthy materials and plenty of outdoor lighting.

Another great benefit of a flat roof is it’s easier to do maintenance on it because they don’t have the pitch. They also require less re-coating as they’re not as susceptible to the elements.

Those things are important especially in areas that have a lot of rain and cold temperatures. You want your house to last and a flat roof can help you do that!

They are also very durable and have a long lifespan. Many people who build their own home or are building a new home will opt for a flat roof for these reasons.

It can be hard to find a flat roof house that will fit your specific needs and wants but there are some really good ones out there. We have rounded up some of the best examples of these homes here and hope that you can find inspiration for your next project.

Circle House

This unusual home was designed by Austin Maynard. It is shaped like three stacked rectangular structures and has a flat roof. Its unique design makes it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

The home is surrounded by a stunning mountain landscape that includes old-growth redwoods and California oaks. The curved white oak structure blends with the surroundings while still allowing the architect to incorporate some interesting massing and geometry into the overall design.

That House

This unique flat roof house is a beautiful example of a minimalist home. It has a large living area with lots of natural light, a kitchen and a dining area that flows into a covered balcony. There’s also a huge bedroom on the top level that overlooks the entire property.

MCHP House

This is one of my favorite modern flat roof houses on the entire web page because it’s so versatile. You can have a front yard, backyard and even a private rooftop garden with it!

The main thing is to make sure your home is designed with the right balance between being comfortable and attractive. The right color scheme, lighting and furniture can turn a simple flat roof into a beautiful modern masterpiece!