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Texas Parent-Taught Driver's Ed

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Texas Parent-Taught Driver's Ed


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Free Yourself from the Classroom

The time has arrived - you're ready to get your driver's license and coast down the open road! Why not choose a Driver's Education course that gives you just as much freedom to study? With your online Parent-Taught Driver's Ed course from NDSS, you don't have to spend any more time stuck in a classroom!

  • Take your course right from home
  • Study whenever you find time
  • Learn from cool videos and graphics
  • Short, fast, and easy chapters
  • Never interfere with friends, sports, or school!

You get to make your own rules when you take your Texas Driver's Ed course online! So drop the textbooks, and jump into a fast, easy course that won't get in the way of the things you like to do. You'll be cruising the streets before you know it!

How It Works

Your busy schedule comes first, so your Texas drivers education online course uses a flexible platform allowing you to study when it's convenient for you. The course is Texas DPS-approved, and is open to anyone between the ages of 14 and 17.

Here's what you do:

  1. Study the first 6 hours of your course at whatever pace you wish.
  2. Head to the DPS and get your learner's permit!
  3. Finish the rest of your Driver's Ed course and behind-the-wheel training.
  4. Take your DPS exam and road test
  5. Get your driver's license!

With 8 simple units comprised of videos and visual aids, you'll have no problem understanding and remembering your lessons. Plus you get a free 50-question practice test to prepare yourself for the real thing! So drop the textbook, hang out and home, and get ready to get that license!

Get all the convenience your busy life requires by taking a parent-taught Driver's Ed course - no instructors or classrooms involved! Everything you need for the course is online, and you can work from any computer. Available for you 24 hours a day, your course will always be there whenever you have the time. Forget uncomfortable classrooms - work right from home, where you can relax and learn well!
You can work on the Texas drivers education course in multiple sessions, logging in and out at your own convenience and taking a break anytime you want. Your spot in the course is bookmarked for you every time, so you will be able to pick up right where you left off when you return.
Fun multimedia features and Flash-based videos, animations and graphics keep you having fun and interested in your course! With these helpful and expertly-designed visual aids, you'll learn even faster and remember your lessons longer, so you'll be sure to ace that road test! And the easy multiple-choice quizzes at the end of each chapter allow unlimited retakes, so you'll know every right answer and pass every time.
Classroom courses can cost you a pretty penny, and they cost even more when you factor in transportation and time spent. That's why this Texas Learners Permit course is incredibly affordable, DPS-approved, and able to be completed without any extra effort. There are no hidden fees, and you even get your practice test for free. Getting a quality education shouldn't break the bank, and now with this online Texas Drivers Education course, it doesn't have to.
With over ten years of industry-leading experience, we've got what it takes to deliver an excellent course for the low price you're looking for. Your quality education is our top priority, and we are 100% dedicated to giving you the hassle-free experience you deserve. You have a money-back guarantee of satisfaction with your Texas Parent-Taught Drivers Ed course, and we offer round the clock Customer Support for any questions you may have, at any time.

Texas Parent-Taught Teen Driver's Ed

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Texas DPS approved

Test Your Knowledge!
Parents - You Can Trust Us

This is an exciting time for both you and your teen - but we also know that you worry about your child being well-equipped for the roads. A parent-taught Driver's Education course allows you to:

  • Coach your teen through the course
  • Set the example for responsible driving
  • Release your fears & trust your own guidance

We'll give you everything you need to help your child be the safe and responsible driver you know they can be.

Easy Guide to
Getting Your License

Curious about the all the things you'll need to get your driver's permit and license? We can help with that! Download our easy guide that includes the steps you should follow and the forms you'll need to bring.

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Download your License Guide here

Driving Contract

Our goals are the same as yours. We want your teen to be safe and responsible while they earn their newfound independence. That's why when you sign up, you'll find our helpful Parent-Teen Driving contract, allowing you to lay down your expectations, set clear rules and consequences, and avoid miscommunications between you and your child. Keep everyone on the same page from the get-go!